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A New Brand

We are pleased to let you know that we’ve now moved our search engine optimisation services, web design and logo design services to our parent company {47} Media Pte Ltd. The rest of the services will still be provided by Hosthaven. With this switch, we can now serve our customers better!

Domain Name Scams

Recently, we  and some of our clients received emails telling us that our domain names have how many local and international searches per month. We believe that it is a scam email and strongly advice all our clients and our blog readers against clicking on any of the links in the email. (more…)

Scam Emails About Registering Domain Names and Trademarks

Scam EmailRecently, we’re seeing more and more clients seeking advice on certain emails that they’re receiving. At first glance, these emails appear to be from a well-meaning Internet firm. The emails come with a friendly warning that someone is trying to register domain names similar to their company trademarks, and proceed by offering “assistance”. Other variants include having the company registering the domains with them to “protect the company’s trademarks”. (more…)

How to create SUPER strong passwords with just 4 characters

This is specially written for our web hosting clients. But if you stumbled upon this site by chance, you’re welcome to use the method below too!

We’re not sure about you, but we certainly do not want to type a love story whenever we have to fill up a password field. But we also do not want our password to be so easy that even a pre-school kid can guess what it is.  And, if possible, we don’t want to use the same password on different sites, because if one is compromised, then our entire online identity is exposed.

Here’s a tip we’d like to share with you guys on how to create super strong passwords for different websites and yet you only have to remember 4 characters!

Automatic time zone detection in the Webmail interface

Apr 17, 2009 – We are pleased to announce that we have introduced a new “Autodetect” option for the Webmail time zone settings. If you use this option instead of the previously available ones, Webmail will automatically detect your time zone, and apply it to the message timestamps. Additionally, users can now set the time zone for all their email accounts globally from the online Control Panel – Mail Manager section.

cPanel importer launched

Nov 25, 2008 – We are glad to announce that we have introduced a new tool that allows our customers to transfer their sites from cPanel-enabled hosts.

All you have to do is backup your site at the old host using cPanel, and then import the backup file to your account with us using the cPanel Importer tool in the Migration section of your control panel.

It is that easy to transfer your site!

Hosting plans upgraded

Jul 31, 2006 – We have upgraded our hosting plans as follows:
Economy: 1GB webspace / 20GB monthly traffic
Business: 50GB webspace / 500GB monthly traffic

This upgrade has been made without passing any costs to our customers, and all existing accounts will automatically have the new resources available. This substantial increase will allow our customers to expand more effectively, paving the way for future expansions.

MySQL 5 installed on all servers

Sep 28, 2006 – After extensive compatibility testing, we have incorporated MySQL 5 into our services. Customers can now use both MySQL 4 and MySQL 5 databases. We have also implemented a Convert tool, that offers a easy way to migrate customer databases from MySQL 4 to MySQL 5.