Domain Name Scams

Recently, we  and some of our clients received emails telling us that our domain names have how many local and international searches per month. We believe that it is a scam email and strongly advice all our clients and our blog readers against clicking on any of the links in the email.

This is how the email looks like:

From: Domain Names <>
Date: March 20, 2011 12:54:21 AM GMT+08:00
Subject: Domain Names – March 19, 2011
Our statistics indicate that gets 240 exact local searches and 510 exact global searches per month.
See domains with high search volume.
Here are some domains about ( with high searches.
Here is the full search statistics on
10765 Reading Road – Cincinnati, Ohio
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This is what you should do to fight against all these unscrupulous vendors.

  1. Report it to your registrar from which you registered your domain name; and
  2. Report it as spam, or better still, report it as phishing to your email service provider. Most free email service provider like Gmail, Yahoo! and MSN make it easy to do that. Most, if not all of them have a “Report Spam” and/or “Report Phishing”.

Let’s help and keep these bozos away from the internet.

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