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Recently, we have the privilege of working with a top interior design company in Singapore, SYRB Pte Ltd. The goal of the client is very simple actually – a site that looks nice and simple to navigate.

When you look at the site,, nice is an understatement. But how simple is it to navigate? Well, if you’re looking at the site on a deskstop computer, go to any portfolio page; and instead of scrolling down the page with your mouse, try using the Down/Up arrow key. It will have the same effect too. Pressing the Left/Right key will bring you to the previous or next post. Swiping a portfolio page on your mobile phone or tablet to the left/right will also get you to the next or previous post! Simple as it may sound. But the coding is one of the most complicated we’ve done thus far!

This is what I’ve learned while doing this project: Sometimes things have to be complicated behind so that it’ll look simple in front! 🙂

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