5 Benefits of Using WordPress as a CMS

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1. Cheap or Free Using WordPress for your website means it’s cheap or free. WordPress is a free Content Management System (CMS) software, you only need to pay for the customisation of the web design. Compared with a paid CMS software, you can easily save thousands of dollars. 2. It’s That Easy If you’ve got any computer

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Automatic time zone detection in the Webmail interface

Apr 17, 2009 – We are pleased to announce that we have introduced a new “Autodetect” option for the Webmail time zone settings. If you use this option instead of the previously available ones, Webmail will automatically detect your time zone, and apply it to the message timestamps. Additionally, users can now set the time

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cPanel importer launched

Nov 25, 2008 – We are glad to announce that we have introduced a new tool that allows our customers to transfer their sites from cPanel-enabled hosts. All you have to do is backup your site at the old host using cPanel, and then import the backup file to your account with us using the cPanel

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Hosting plans upgraded

Jul 31, 2006 – We have upgraded our hosting plans as follows: Economy: 1GB webspace / 20GB monthly traffic Business: 50GB webspace / 500GB monthly traffic This upgrade has been made without passing any costs to our customers, and all existing accounts will automatically have the new resources available. This substantial increase will allow our customers

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MySQL 5 installed on all servers

Sep 28, 2006 – After extensive compatibility testing, we have incorporated MySQL 5 into our services. Customers can now use both MySQL 4 and MySQL 5 databases. We have also implemented a Convert tool, that offers a easy way to migrate customer databases from MySQL 4 to MySQL 5.