Should I go for cheap web hosting?

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You know, even as an owner of a web hosting company, I’ve asked that question before!  In fact, I was tempted once to switch my personal, non-business websites to a cheap web hosting company. Some of the web hosting services offered by my competitors were so cheap they were way below my cost.  So I’ve decided to ‘fall’ for the temptation and switch some of my personal, non business sites there.

Boy, did I regret my decision! The site was always congested.  Pages took forever to download.  Ok, I exaggerated here a little. Not forever, but still too long for my liking.  Initially I thought, “What the heck, these are my personal sites. Why border about download speed?”  But then again, even if they were my personal sites, they’re still meant for people to see.  If not, why even bother to put it up on the worldwide web?  And if people could access my website, and if they observed that my websites were slow to download, it wouldn’t reflect very well on me, would it?

Well, I bit the bullet and quickly cancelled the account and switched my personal sites back to my own company’s  servers.

Phew!  What a breath of fresh air.

No.  I’m not promoting my company.  I just find that it’s not worth saving a couple of cents a day in exchange for a bad reputation.  Whether a site is personal or business-related, personal reputation is important; and we shouldn’t give it to the cheapest vendor!

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