Unlimited Web Hosting Space? Impossible!

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If you’ve been looking around for a company to host your website, it’s almost certain that you’ve chanced upon many a web hosting company telling you that you can have unlimited amount of disk space when you host with them, have you not?

Before you get all excited with your ‘discovery’, think again very carefully. How is that possible? No matter how big a hard disk, there will be a limit to it. Have you ever owned a computer that gave you unlimited storage space? It’s simply impossible!

So what gives? How can these companies offer unlimited web hosting space?

One word: Overselling.


Let’s say a web hosting company has a server with a 100 GB hard disc space. And it starts to sell plans with 1GB space. After selling 100 plans the hard disk space allocated for these 100 clients reaches the limit of 100 GB. However, this web hosting company notices that each month only 20 to 30 GB of hard disc space are “consumed” by the clients hosted on that server.

It decides then to sell more web hosting accounts – over the 100 GB limit of space. After selling another 20 plans and hosting those websites on that same server, they noticed that even with these additional web hosting accounts, the actual space ‘consumed’ only hit 60GB. So it seems there would be no problem to host another 10 or even 20 customers on that server.

Since the cost for the server is constant, every added plan could be easily seen as pure profit. Anyway you look at it, they were able to get more money from that same server.

See how overselling of web hosting hard disk space works here? It applies the same to overselling of bandwidth limit.

From the business point of view, it looks ok. And most web hosting clients are not even aware of it. But herein lies the potential problem: All you need is a couple of web hosting clients on that same server to start hosting websites that upload/download video/mp3 files like YouTube, in no time your website and web space will be affected. Your site will take years to download and you may even have problem receiving any emails because the allotted 1GB space have been used up by others!

Not that I’m selling my company, but it’s just that it’s not worth the savings at all. I’ve been there and done that. Read the blog, “Should I go for cheap web hosting” and you’d know what I mean.

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